The sudden imposition of lockdown in India to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has thrown the lives of poor families out of gear, millions were forced out of jobs, daily wage workers and those employed by small businesses have taken the worst hit. These included roadside vendors, workers employed in the construction industry, handcarts and auto drivers.

Times have gotten hard for everybody and coping up with even the daily chores have also became tedious tasks for women during the lockdown with no availability of house help, working women are facing hard times managing daily chores, their family along with work from resulting in women to bear the brunt of their frustration. Women saviours of violence with whom DEEDS has been working were hard hit by the COVID-19 imposed lockdowns. DEEDS have contacted our women saviours each one of them whom we continue working with and distributed food kits worth of Rs1700/- each one containing essential supplies to the needy families of 50 no s in around Mangaluru and also extended help by counselling and by providing moral support to them.

Paralegal Facilitators of D.K, Bellary, Chitradurga and Kopala districts are involved in the supportive activities during the lockdown.  Bellary PLFs have stitched and distributed masks and stepped forward to support the most vulnerable with essential food and hygiene items. 5 PLFs from DK District have provided masks, vegetables, food and medicines to migrant labourers, sanitation workers and drivers. Koppala Paralegal Facilitators also distributed masks, food, sanitizers to the local needy people. Recently Chitradurga PLFs have organized awareness programmes on COVID19 to local children and women, they have also conducted a quiz to assess their knowledge on COVID 19 and create awareness on health, cleanliness and distributed biscuits, fruits, sanitary pads.

 A team of 11 people of Kudupu Nadumane neighbours also joined their hands with DEEDS for Shramadaan. From March 20 to April 22, 2020, everyday morning they spent one hour for cleaning in various places are Kudupu,  Paldane, Pilikumeri, Nekare and surrounding areas of Padre colony around 5 to  6 kilometres.  They have taken necessary hygienic precautions by wearing gloves and face masks and using hand sanitizer and by maintaining physical distance.  Around 280 families were visited and given information on COVID 19 to create awareness of the Coronavirus Pandemic. During the lockdown, everyone has been told to stay home. Meanwhile, they conducted a survey covering people about family status and COVID 19 situations.

Mr Mohan Chandra, Consultant of DEEDS, Mrs Manjula Sunil coordinator of Yuvasamvada, Mr Bhaskar K, Cooperator Nadumane, Writer, B. M Mohini, Members of the Yuvasamvada were present. Social work students had participated in the community study. Mrs Merlyn Martis, Director of DEEDS, thanked each and everyone.